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Antonio woke up with a groan. He tried to move and realized that his body ached. The brief pain he felt made him remember what had happened before he had blacked out. There had been an earthquake at Elizabeth’s place and the floor had collapsed underneath them. He wondered if they had fallen into her basement. He moved one of his legs and he ended up standing up quickly when his leg met midair and the lower half had gone into a gap in the floor.

He had been in Elizabeth’s basement before and what he saw looked nothing like it. There were lots of small desks and chairs everywhere. Holes decorated the floor and the room was a mess. The room was illuminated by a couple of lights giving the room an eerie look as it was mostly covered in darkness. That’s when he realized he wasn’t alone in the room. Elizabeth was lying on the floor towards the front of the room.

“Hey! Inglaterra! Wake up!” Antonio said as he reached her and began shaking her awake. As soon as her eyes opened and she realized who had awoken her, she pushed him away and stood up. She was about to snap something at him when she caught sight of their surroundings and she looked around.

“Why are we in a school?”

“How am I supposed to know? I woke up a bit before I went to wake you up.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Elizabeth said as she headed to one of the windows. “I’m opening this and getting out of here. I have to go and keep an eye on John.” Antonio watched as she pushed one of the windows but it didn’t even budge. “The hell…” Elizabeth threw her weight against the window but it didn’t budge.

“Let me try.” Antonio tried to push the window open but it didn’t budge. It felt different too, and it didn’t feel like it was made out of glass.

“Did someone seriously paint a very realistic window on a wall?” Elizabeth said sounding exasperated.

“If they did, then they decided to paint all of the others as well.” Antonio said as he checked the other windows. They all felt fake; almost as if they truly were painted on the wall. Realizing that the windows weren’t budging they began to look around the room. The classroom looked as if it belonged in an elementary school but they couldn’t tell from what country from appearance alone. Elizabeth spotted papers on one of the walls and headed over while Antonio tried to get one of the cabinets open.

“Antonio, we might be in Japan…” Antonio looked to where Elizabeth was. She was standing by the door looking at a piece of paper that was on the wall. She looked as though she was trying to comprehend something.

“What does the paper say?” he asked sensing that something was wrong.

“It reads, ‘Heavenly Host Elementary – Notice to All Faculty and Students.’ It’s written in Japanese.”

“Why are we in Japan?”

“Do I look like I know? All I know is that I’m getting a bad feeling about this.”

“Does it say anything else?”

“No, the rest is obscured by blood.”


“Unless your age is catching up to you I suggest you stop repeating everything I say.”

“I am not repeating everything you are saying!”

“ANYWAY… Sakura has to be behind this. She was the only one knowledgeable about that charm. Maybe she spirited us away to some abandoned school in hopes of either scaring us or trying to make us act out something.”

“You have a point.”

“Let’s go look for her and make her take us out of here. If John realizes I’m gone…” Elizabeth stayed silent before taking a couple of steps and stopping at the doorway. “Are you coming? Or do you want me to leave you behind?”

“Ya voy, ya voy.” Antonio said as he followed her out into the hallway. The condition of the hallway was just as bad as the one in the classroom. The hallway was lit up occasionally by light and holes covered the floor.

“Let’s go this way.” Elizabeth said and they headed to the right. “I have a feeling we might find the exit in this direction.” They went down the flight of stairs and they veered to the right as they were careful to not walk into the holes in the floor. They soon came across a mess of children’s shoes.

“Look, there’s the entranceway.” Elizabeth hurried to it and tried to yank it open. When that failed she threw her weight against it. Antonio went to help her but they failed at forcing the door to open.

“Looks like we can’t get out.” Antonio said as he looked at her. “Can’t you open it with your magic?”

“…” Elizabeth stayed silent before she turned around and began walking back the way they came. “We need to find another way out. Come on, before I leave you alone.”

“Hey! Stop avoiding my question!” Antonio said as he followed her up the flight of stairs.

“We need to find the others. They might be stuck in this place as well. I’m sure Alfred can force that door open.” Elizabeth didn’t slow down as she hurried past the classroom they had exited earlier but she stopped when she spotted what looked like a torn newspaper on the floor. Antonio caught up to her after she picked it up. Noticing that he had caught up she began to read:

[Heavenly Post]
'Third Student Reported Missing'
One by one, the young students of Heavenly Host __________ School seem to be disappearing, as now a third student has joined the ranks of the missing. Classmates testify that fifth-grader __________ was on her way home from school, but got separated from her friends in the hall and hasn't been seen since. Police are investigating the possibility of a serial kidnapping and have assigned countless investigators to the case in hopes of a speedy resolution. However, ten days have already passed since the first disappearance, giving parents and classmates ample cause for concern.

“Missing children…” Antonio frowned. “Do you think what the newspaper says is true.”

“I don’t know… but either way this newspaper is incomplete and there is no date on it. So we have no way of knowing how recent these events are if they truly happened.” Elizabeth dropped the newspaper where she found it. “All I know is that I’m hoping we are stuck in one of those elaborate jokes Sakura likes to play on people.”

“I hope so too.”

“Let’s go then. We have to find the others and hopefully Sakura will let us go.”

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Chapter 01
Due to the awful length of the chapters I am going to be splitting each chapter into several sections. Enjoy!
Elizabeth sighed as she took a sip of wine. Her house was full of people and she personally didn’t want the majority of them there. Someone had come up with the grand idea of using her house as a place for the party to take place. The party’s sole purpose was to get its guests to try to come with friendlier terms with one another.

It appeared to work; with some of them. There were some who looked as though they couldn’t wait to get out of there in order to start hating on the others. Elizabeth sat by herself, not interacting with anyone as she watched a new drama unfold. The two Chinas were currently yelling at each other and she kept an eye on them in case she needed to go and split them up. They ended up being separated by some of the others and they went and sat down on opposite sides of the room.

“I’m sorry Mama Elizabeth.” Elizabeth looked up to see Mary standing there alongside Santos, her boyfriend. “I want to stay here, but I can no longer stand being in the same room as him.” Mary’s green eyes looked distraught and she nervously fiddled with her short light brown hair. Elizabeth immediately knew who she was referring to and she gently took one of Mary’s hands into her own.

“It’s alright. You are free to go. After all,” Elizabeth chuckled as her own green eyes met Mary’s. “There’s no rule saying you have to stay here until the end. You and Santos may go.” Elizabeth glanced at Santos, who was almost an exact replica of Mary’s tormentor; with the exception of his lighter skin and hair colors. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted Salvador and his red eyes met her green ones. She immediately realized that Salvador was going to accompany those two. Elizabeth and Salvador didn’t get along very well, but their wish to see their children together currently united them.

“Thank you, Mama.” Mary kissed Elizabeth on the forehead before she left the house with those two. Mary was one of the many children she had adopted throughout her life. Her eyes ended up meeting with Antonio, Mary’s tormentor and Elizabeth’s self-declared eternal enemy. He just smirked at her before heading back to the conversation he was having with Ceasar. Thankfully for her, the party slowly came to an end but to her annoyance some of them decided to stay. For some reason both Chinas stayed alongside Spain, France, Vatican City, USA, Japan, London, Rome, Mexico and Italy.

“So Inglaterra,” Antonio (Spain) said as he grinned at her. “Why did Gibraltar leave?”

“What my daughter does with her life is none of your business.” Elizabeth replied as she struggled to not throw the wine glass at his face.

“The day you two admit you love each other and get remarried is the day Europe will finally be at peace.” Vincenzo (Italy) commented as they both turned to stare at him with murderous intentions.

“I agree.” Marianne (France) said as she smiled at their reactions.

“My fair lady!” Elizabeth said as she put a hand to her chest. “You have hurt me here!”

“Forget about her!” Itzel (Mexico) said as she hugged Elizabeth. “I’ll never give you such heartache.”

“Seems you are stuck in another tug-of-war, my dear sister.” Jesus (Vatican City) said as he smiled at her.

“Big brother! Stop teasing me!”

“Does anyone have anything fun to do?” Alfred (USA) said as he looked at everyone. “The party doesn’t have to end now, does it?”

“We could perform a charm.” Sakura (Japan) said as she took out a paper proxy doll.

“What kind of charm is it?” Lydia (London) asked as she eyed the paper proxy doll.

“A friendship charm. I was going to suggest it earlier but Ju-Long and Mei-Lien started fighting and I forgot.”

“He started it!” Mei-Lien (Republic of China/Taiwan) said glaring at Ju-long (People’s Republic of China), who didn’t hesitate to glare back.

“I think it’s a nice idea.” Jesus said as he smiled at Antonio.

“If you say so…”

“So what do we have to do?” Caesar (Rome) said as he looked at Sakura.

“Do we have to participate?” Elizabeth asked, not getting a very good feeling about the situation.

“Yes. If the nations here manage to stay as friends thanks to this charm then maybe we wouldn’t have as many conflicts in the future. It requires a maximum of ten players though…”

“I’m out then.” Lydia said as she quickly got up. “I have some very important stuff to do and I have to go keep an eye on John.” Without letting anyone protest her decision she quickly left.

“Unfortunately I have to leave too.” Itzel said as she followed Lydia. “I’ll see you later for our tea party Elizabeth.”

“I’ll see you then.”

Sakura counted the people that were left over. “We have the maximum number of players now. As I was going to say, this charm is fairly easy to do and it is very effective if performed correctly. It is called ‘Sachiko Ever After’ and we have to chant ‘Sachiko, we beg of you’ one time for every person that is here. Then we tear this proxy doll into ten pieces and each of us is required to keep their piece safe and sound.”

“Sound simple enough. Let’s do it.”

“Let’s get in a circle then.” Everyone moved and at Sakura’s command they grabbed unto the proxy doll. “Now we have to chant ‘Sachiko, we beg of you’ ten times; no more, no less.” In unison everyone began to chant together. Their voices mixed as everyone spoke in unison. Elizabeth had the urge to say it again but stayed silent knowing the others will shoot her looks and she’ll most likely not hear the end of it.

“Now grab the doll tightly, dig in your nails if you have to, and pull until it breaks apart.” Everyone, except for Alfred, put a lot of strength as they pulled the paper doll apart. All Alfred did was gently move his hand to separate his piece from everyone else’s. A lightning strike was heard outside and Elizabeth moved to the window as Sakura explained to the others, again, that they had to make sure not to lose their piece of the doll.

“Is it going to rain again?” Antonio asked noticing she was at the window.

“You may go Mr. Sunshine.” Elizabeth said as she put her piece inside the gold locket she wore around her neck.

“It doesn’t seem to be working.”

“It sort of is. Normally she would have thrown a vase at his head already.”

“Or tried to drown him again.”

“Or started beating him to a bloody pulp.”

“All the while swearing at him like a sailor.”

Elizabeth was about to pick up a vase and throw it to prove them wrong when the earth began to shake underneath them. The group immediately moved to the center of the parlour while Elizabeth stood her ground as she looked outside again. She was grabbed and yanked next to the others as the earthquake intensified and things began to fall all around them.

“Is it over?” Alfred asked when the ground stopped moving. Murmurs of agreement were starting to come up when the floor collapsed underneath them and for a second they found themselves suspended in midair before gravity took them into its embrace and began dragging them down.


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Chapter 00
Welcome to the Prologue! Character Introductions will be put up eventually. XD
Fandom: A Tale of the World (in case anyone is wondering this is the first fanfiction posted of this fandom because I am developing it alongside my sister. And yes, I am creating fanfiction based on my own series. Then again so is my sister. XD)

Title: Corpse Party: A Tale of the World

Pairings: There will be suggestions of the canon pairings that have been created thus far.

Warnings: Suspense, blood and gore, characters that sort of resemble the Hetalia ones but are not the same, certain paths resemble those of Corpse Party but don't be fooled into thinking you are safe if you follow them like in the game, multiple endings, and multiple paths as the story goes.

Summary: After performing the Sachiko Ever After charm, ten representatives are now trapped in Heavenly Host Elementary. Some are doomed to die, no matter what path you choose to follow. Others can be saved but you will have to be careful on your choices. This is an interactive game where you choose where the story goes. Have fun and be careful~!

Status: Ongoing


Character Introduction
Chapter 00
Chapter 01
Chapter 02
Chapter 03
Chapter 04
Chapter 05
Corpse Party: A Tale of the World
My latest project! Welcome back to Heavenly Post Elementary School. In this story you choose what ending you get in the end. There is no one true ending. There are several true endings, each carrying a different amount of survivors. Choose carefully and remember to have fun! #ATaleoftheWorld 
I am back! After who knows how long, I am back! I missed being on this site so much! I'm going to be finished old projects and starting new ones. There's a chance I might rewrite some of my old ones.

Also I'm going to be getting away from writing Hetalia for a while. After all... my sister and I have been creating our own nation representatives series, A Tale of the World. My newest project that I will post will use some of the characters that we have created so far. It will also be a crossover. So look forward to it! It will also be an interactive story in the sense that you guys will get to choose the ending of the story.


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Itzayana Pastrana
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I am from Southern California, but I was born in Mexico I'm a girl, and an AsaKiku fanatic. I can't draw at all. My kid sister draws way better than me... I can only do stick figures but even they come out looking deformed...

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Scary Hetalia stamp by BeatleBoy247ALT
I am back! After who knows how long, I am back! I missed being on this site so much! I'm going to be finished old projects and starting new ones. There's a chance I might rewrite some of my old ones.

Also I'm going to be getting away from writing Hetalia for a while. After all... my sister and I have been creating our own nation representatives series, A Tale of the World. My newest project that I will post will use some of the characters that we have created so far. It will also be a crossover. So look forward to it! It will also be an interactive story in the sense that you guys will get to choose the ending of the story.

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